Transparent and Fair Gambling.


Bitfresh is a community-based and blockchain-based iGaming experience that benefits players. The platform is complemented by an award system to give players a variety of ways to win and make money over time BitFresh uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform, where the game process is efficient, transparent and fair. BitFresh will take full advantage of blockchain technology, using the TRON network to give gamers a range of benefits that include: low commission fees, fast transactions, minimum bets, enhanced security, non-withholding bets, and dividend payments

One of the main problems in the iGaming industry is the lack of transparency and as a result, users’ distrust of traditional applications and online games. With blockchain, you can provide complete transparency, secure storage of user funds, and non-custodial gambling. This explains the growing popularity of decentralized gaming applications. In 2019, dApps from the games and gambling category occupied the first six places in the ranking of the most popular decentralized applications.

DApp is an application that runs without a backend on a decentralized computer system – for example, on a blockchain. Therefore, dApp takes advantage of the key advantages of blockchain: transparency, reliability, and data retention. DAPP (Decentralized Application) consists of a backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. DAPP can also have a built-in user interface that accesses the back. No central server is required for DAPP to function: the interaction between the user and the provider is direct.

The advent of blockchain technology and other digital assets has changed the way the world today manages and conducts transactions. This technology has been adopted by various industries including the iGaming industry to improve existing methods of conducting daily business activities. The transparency and immortality of blockchain technology helps create a unique experience for players in the online gaming space.


Bitfresh provides a secure and transparent blockchain-based gaming platform that offers a variety of games for interested users. There are famous and new games. Choose from a variety of variations and enjoy your time. Thanks to blockchain technology, the whole process is completely secure and you do not have to worry about platform justice. Bitfresh not only boasts exceptional design and aesthetic satisfaction in using our platform, but also in a completely safe and fair gaming experience. One of our goals is to present a decentralized system that makes the whole experience 100% unreliable and free of manipulation.

The Bitfresh platform offers online casino games such as classic dice, coin flip, classic slots, 3D slots, and more. Many of these games were developed and used on the Bitfresh platform using the TRON ecosystem. Bitfresh is built on the TRON ecosystem because TRON offers a comfortable and convenient architecture for iGaming implementation.


Our vision is to be a community-based iGaming platform that makes constant changes and iterations based on user feedback. The main goal is to create a fair and trustworthy environment for stakeholders and gamers.

We want to be known as the first community-driven iGaming platform

We want to be one of the first large blockchain-based iGaming platforms

We want to help move the iGaming industry in the right direction with fair play and proven transparency.

We want to refer to how successful the decentralized project is through the next generation of token economies.


Stage System: One of the many ways Bitfresh rewards players is through crypto prizes & bonuses to reach new levels. Each rank has a number of peg requirements and missions. The higher his rank, the higher his prize.

Daily Missions: This platform will have a series of missions that can be completed each day to access special bonuses and extra ranking points.

Purchasable Items: Players will have access to a set of items that can be purchased with BFT. This item will give players special abilities or bonuses for our internal games. This bonus can change from extra mining rewards to reduced home profits.

Jackpot: All users will have the opportunity to win the jackpot in the In-house game.

Tournaments: To create a competitive iGaming ecosystem, Bitfresh provides campaigns and competitions that allow users to compete and win big prizes.

Justice: Users do not have to worry about the justice of Bitfresh. Bitfresh with blockchain technology ensures that nothing can be manipulated on the Bitfresh platform.

Mining: Even when players lose, they win! When betting, players get a token regardless of the outcome.

Non-Custodian: Thanks to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, players can play directly from their wallets, eliminating their need to trust our platform with deposits or withdrawals.

Reference Program: Referring players to BitFresh gives the director a percentage of all future bets from the player being referenced. The platform bears this cost so that the player in question is not negatively affected. The referral program enables passive generation for players referenced using BitFresh.

Betting: When players risk their BFT tokens, they will receive a portion of the platform profits (dividends) from the Dividend collection.

BFT Token & Dividends System: Players and stakeholders can earn through the dividend and price speculation system of BFT tokens.


The token system is a method of behavior therapy. The purpose of the token system is to build the desired behavior through small gifts. The so-called tokens can be smileys, marbles, chips, etc.  Players can collect these and exchange them for prizes if a certain amount is earned. Players are rewarded for good behavior and have a sense of accomplishment.

BitFresh Token (BFT) is a utility token for profit sharing and stock ownership. BFG tokens are valued for their potential dividends, which increase interest and demand for these assets. The BFT token is a TRC20-based utility token created for Bitfresh platform actions, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000. The BFT token is an in-platform exchange tool and has many applications such as:

Staking. By betting, users can have the opportunity to profit from the platform (dividends)

In-game currency for betting and payments

The gift of participating in the Bitfresh iGaming ecosystem


BFT tokens can also be sold or exchanged with other cryptocurrencies, such as

as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

BitFresh is a game proof prize mechanism aimed at revolutionizing the iGaming industry. Users are rewarded for their time playing, while Game Developers develop their gaming community, get crypto, and get help from the services that follow. Everyone wins! This token is the basis for the platform’s revenue sharing system through dividend distribution.

Bitfresh feature

Bitfresh offers a secure and transparent blockchain-based gaming platform for global users. Players can access various games such as classic dice, coin flip, classic slots, 3D slots, and more easily and securely. But Bitfresh features not only that, there are other features provided by Bitfresh, here are the features;

Transparency: Bitfresh leverages blockchain technology to create a gaming platform that is transparent and user-friendly.

Justice: To create an honest gaming ecosystem, Bitfresh uses proven RNG game providers and technology that proves fair to games.

Community Driven: At Bitfresh, communities can participate in Bitfresh development by submitting feedback or suggestions.

Innovative Game Mechanics: Bitfresh applies innovative and relatively new game mechanisms to the industry. With this mechanism, Bitfresh can increase user engagement and retention.

Staking: Players can risk their tokens to maximize their profits.

Dividends: Players and stakeholders can earn dividends through the Bitfresh dividend system.

Bitfresh Token 
The emblem structure is a direct treatment procedure. 
The purpose of the representative system is to collect interesting behaviors through small gifts. Tokens should be in the form of smileys, marbles, chips, etc.  Players can collect these and exchange them for prizes if a certain amount is earned. Players are compensated for satisfactory and proud profits.

BitFresh Token (BFT) is a symbolic revenue distribution driven by utilities and stock ownership. BFT tokens are motivators who are given the opportunity to make a profit, which builds a lot of interest in these assets. The BFT token is a TRC20-based utility token created for Bitfresh stage training, with an extreme supply of 1,000,000,000. BFT tokens are on-stage exchange strategies and have different applications including revenue sharing.

Bitfresh provides a secure and clear level of blockchain-based gaming that offers a level of play for engaging customers. 
There are prestigious and new games. Read the great settings and make the most of your time. Based on blockchain development, the whole cycle is completely secure and you don’t have to worry about stage justice. Bitfresh prides itself not only on its exceptional settings and elegant satisfaction in using our company, but also on its fully secure and sensible gaming experience. One of our goals is to provide a decentralized system that makes the whole experience 100% unreliable and independent.

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