DigitalFlyerTM: South Africa’s Most Affordable Business Services Platform Introduces Community Business Tokens

About DigitalFlyer
DigitalFlyer is the fastest growing online marketing platform in South Africa. We are a business directory – but more than that. We are a newly founded company (2018) that aims to create and offer the most cost -effective online marketing solutions for business members to sell their products and services, with easy access for your customers.

Our vision is to make it easy for users to FIND the business or service they’re looking for, and to make it easy to FIND businesses.

The issue closest to our hearts is elevating communities by offering affordable business listings, allowing businesses of any size to be easily found, generating purchases from more local businesses in the community, and ultimately influencing their communities with the resulting economic benefits.

DigitalFlyer Features
Direct integration with your target market so customers can communicate directly with you via email, phone or WhatsApp – no intermediaries needed!

Link your social media platform to your profile to increase your followers.

Free user -friendly applications are available for download on Android and iOS

Take advantage of our extensive marketing efforts on social media, street ads, newsletters, and radio ads.

Create your professional business profile in minutes so customers can find you online, quickly and easily.

List and sell your individual services and products online with detailed product information.

Showcase your upcoming events so customers can easily find out what’s happening near them.

Why CBT?
The vision and focus of CBT is to enable all types of community businesses, to enter the digital age of doing business, while funding community projects for the improvement and enhancement of skills.

Projects CBT funding has largely been earmarked for a variety of community projects including children’s schools, community support, community health and entrepreneurial skills. Stay connected to learn more.

CBT Business and Marketing Platform is not just something that will be done in the future but is an extension of the existing and evolving business platform. CBT is not a concept planned for the future, but a living and thriving community infrastructure.

Giving back from the word
GO CBT referral bonus structure is a money back guarantee option. Our CBT makers have the option to generate even before the CBT closes. Make sure you read our Whitepaper and learn about CBT bonuses and cashback package options.

How does it work?
Grow your business by getting relevant and verified prospects

For Users
This local directory is the smartest way to find the best products and services for all your needs.

Quickly find what you’re looking for in your area
Contact businesses directly from the app
Have full control over what you want to tell, about who you want to tell, who you want to see, – geographic settings for results, etc.
Create a Favorites list from your regular shopping center and follow any new special offers, products, or services they promote.
Get accurate directions to your business
And much to follow
For Business Members
Grow your business online and create more prospects for your business!
Prospective customers can easily find your product or service
Various DigitalFlyer marketing strategies, saving thousands of Rands per month for marketing exposure
There are features and functions that we have not been able to add to this list but you can be sure that this will increase the marketing exposure of your own business and further accessibility of your customers to your products.

Technical Info

DigitalFlyer and CBC Technical Overview

User Interface and Communication

DigitalFlyer business members will manage and organize their tasks through a web interface available in all major web browsers. Basic tasks and communication will be done through the application interface.

Public user functionality will be available through the web interface and applications. The application interface has been built in React Native for the fastest operation and integration of the mobile OS. This app is available in the iOS and Android stores.

All communications will be done digitally, utilizing blog posts, through members’ back office which will allow business members and users to get our latest news. Our own integrated chat module will provide a real -time support platform where we can quickly respond to requests from business members and users. Social media platforms will be used to communicate news and public updates. The goal of all our communication channels is to maximize efficiency and minimize costs for our business model. The ongoing acquisition concerns will add further market value growth to DigitalFlyer, resulting in increased value of CBC, which is linked as a coin that can be traded between DigitalFlyer business members and clients.

Our initial Community Business Token coin offering offers the following five packages, the ICO CBT rate is calculated at $ 0.003 per CBT:

First stage:  25%

Level 2:  15%

Level 3:  7.50%

Final stage:  3%

As the number of investors, business members and users registered on the DigitalFlyer platform increases, the value of CBT will also increase. Increased CBT acquisitions and exchanges result in the eventual production and allocation of bonuses and cash incentives.

Pre-ICO:  23 February 2020-29 February 2020

ICO:  1 March 2020-28 February 2021

CBT properties

Coin name:  Community Business Token

Currency Symbol:  CBT

Pre-ICO sales bonus:  40% will be allocated between 23 February 2020 and 29 February 2020

CBT ICO price:  1 CBT = $ 0.003

Maximum CBT available:  70 Billion

Maximum CBT for sale:  50 Billion

Bonuses will be given as follows:

Pre -ICO – 23–29 February 2020–40%


Phase 1–1 March 2020–31 May 2020: 25%

Phase 2–1 June 2020–31 August 2020: 15%

Phase 3–1 September 2020–31 November 2020: 7.5%

Phase 4–1 December 2020–28 February 2021: 3%

Community Business Tokens sold during the ICO will be immediately allocated to the member’s Backoffice.

Incentive bonus

During the ICO, there will be an incentive bonus for DigitalFlyer members who are the first buyers of CBT packages. Incentive bonuses will also be paid in CBT to the member’s Backoffice.

Incentive bonuses will be given as follows:

Registered DigitalFlyer Users: 2%

Active DigitalFlyer Business Members: 5%

The referral bonus will be allocated as follows, for 4 ICO stages:

Phases 1–1 March – 31 May 2020

Bronze:  2% – 5%

Silver:  4% – 7%

Gold:  6% – 10%

VIP:  8% – 12%

Elite:  15% – 20%

Phase 2–1 June – 31 August 2020

Bronze:  1% – 3%

Silver:  3% – 5%

Gold:  5% – 7%

VIP:  7% – 9%

Elite:  15% – 20%

Stage 3–1 Sep – 31 Nov 2020

Bronze:  0% – 1%

Silver:  1% – 3%

Gold:  3% – 5%

VIP:  4% – 7%

Elite:  10% – 15%

Phase 4–1 Dec 2020–28 Feb ’21

Bronze:  0% – 0%

Silver:  0% – 2%

Gold:  1% – 3%

VIP:  3% – 5%

Elite:  10% – 10%

Coins and cash allocation will only be given after the purchase transaction in question is successful. Cash allocation can be used to purchase more packages or improve the status of your current package or be paid in cash.

Road map





DigitalFlyer is the market leader in digital marketing and business support. The team strives to provide high quality services to businesses and their clients by streamlining the process of connecting businesses to clients and clients to businesses. DigitalFlyer sources and provides the best business support partners, accounting systems and support services. We can offer this at an affordable price because we already have an active and operational platform, delivering quality and focusing on quantity.






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