GoldMine Network

The GoldMine Network platform is opening the cryptocurrency market to everyone with a variety of attractive products and services

The Gold Mining Network is the original token of GMNE Coin Finance.  This is an Etherum -based token.  GMNE COIN is an asset -backed token that grants ownership of pure gold to its holders that can be traded worldwide.

The Gold Mine Network will be traded on Etherum and the Bitcoin blockchain, this authenticates its ownership and guarantees its trackability.  This increases its liquidity and trading.  The GMNE token has several features that make it unique from other cryptocurrencies which include;

Of all the precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment.  Investors generally buy gold as a way to diversify risk, especially through the use of futures and derivatives contracts.  The gold market is subject to speculation and volatility just like any other market.  Compared to other precious metals used for investment, gold has the most effective shelter and hedging properties in a number of countries. 

Much of the value of gold comes from its scarcity, that some gold bars, gold coins or gold jewelry (for example) can be small enough to fit in your pocket and most importantly, from metal uses to industry.  Cryptocurrency is adapting some of the benefits of gold by generating scarce bitcoin, by introducing digital coins that can be easily and simply sent, and by creating a distributed and decentralized blockchain that helps businesses.  Cryptocurrency also adds value by making your money transactions fast, secure, and transparent. 

The Best Community is here!

AMA with Gold Mine

Join us for the AMA in the Telegram @Decentralized_Club group, where our esteemed guest Rukky (Co-Founder) of the Goldmine Network will answer your questions and provide more insights on their project.  Also have the opportunity to earn rewards.


  • Segment 1: Introduction (@ cryptoTALK01 will interact with the Gold Mine Network team).
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions.
  • Segment 3: Website questions.
  • Segment 4: Direct telegram inquiries.

A pool worth $ 100 GMNE to be dropped from the air.

  • 1) The best 4 Telegram inquiries each earn 10 $ GMNE.
  • 2) The 3 best Twitter questions, each earning 10 $ GMNE.
  • 3) The 3 best Website questions each earn $ 10 GMNE.

Decentralized Club

An active global crypto community whose interest is only in crypto.  We provide a dynamic and popular platform to showcase projects and increase exposure.

What do we offer?

A platform to show off your project, explain in detail its use cases and how it is better than competitors!  In addition to the AMA sessions that take place in our global Telegram community, get extended exposure through our website and Twitter as well.

The upcoming AMA

Don’t miss the opportunity to ask your questions to this upcoming project team.

Why Join Our Community?
Our community is global and we really mean it!  Interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and find out how blockchain and crypto affect everyone’s lives.  Share trade ideas, identify investment prospects, etc.  You can do it all HERE!10,000: Total Weekly Messages 4500
: Average AMA Attendance
250,000: Part of a Decentralized ClubC3TZR1g81UNaPs7vzNXHueW5ZM76DSHWEY7onmfLxcK2iP4SnuyVsPoNkQWAwUpHWqLBBqrE9fcvZvoYaNEHFtHtgESEwih7tpntzSE4TMJuQCGuy.

Gold Mine Road Map

How does it work?Step 1Buy BNB / BUSDIf you do not have BNB / BUSD and do not know how to get it, we recommend using the following website:Step 2Convert BNB to $ GMNEYou can get GMNE tokens just by exchanging your BNB / BUSD directly to PancakeswapStep # 3Share / Farm GMNEDeposit any GMNE into a smart contract and start receiving dividends every second!ConclusionSo, I introduce the most common way about this project, all the necessary information is gathered in the article. Knowing that the Gold Mine Network is an incredible thing, this project has many interesting points and I think their products will definitely be well received by users. In addition, the partnership with the Gold Mine Network is also very good, the Gold Mine Network has many programs to promote itself and no one promotes itself better than themselves which is supposed to be a great and potential project and I found that the Gold Mine Network. Hopefully the Gold Mine Network will soon post more information related to this token, I’m sure many people are looking forward to it.The GoldMine Network ecosystem is unique and revolutionary. Their ecosystem is built for passive income

For information on the Gold Mine project below:

Website: the group:Telegram:…Telegram:…Join Channel:Telegram: Twitter:Telegram:

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